U.S. Army PIF

  • Original 9-year contract was awarded in 2002 to the Joint Venture of Yulista Management Services and SES (JVYS). GOGO Facility
  • Follow on contract was awarded April 2012 to a Joint Venture of Yulista Aviation and SES (RDS)
  • A 9-year, $4.73B contract was awarded December 2018 to Defense Systems and Solutions (DSS), a joint venture between Science and Engineering Services, LLC (SES) and Yulista Integrated Solutions, LLC (YIS). DSS, a SBA approved 8(a) joint venture, is a strategic partnership between SES and YIS.
  • Provides Focused – Rapid Response Prototyping, Engineering, Manufacturing & Technical Support – not necessarily aviation requirements
  • Utilizes a Large Sub-contractor and Material Vendor base to meet the rapid response requirement.

U.S. Army LSF

  • Contract provides Manufacturing, Integration & Technical support to all government agencies – reduces use of OEM as a sole source.
  • Not designed to compete with other USG entities; nor replace OEMs as a/c manufacturers.
  • Logistics Support Facility (LSF) IDIQ contract was awarded in August 2007 (182 contracts executed). 5-Year follow on contract awarded Apr 2013.
  • Competitively Awarded Small Business Set Aside. COCO facilities.
  • SES is a prime contractor. 21-day task order proposal. More than 50 active DO’s.

U.S. Navy APSD

  • Contract provides: NRE, Integration, Manufacturing, Test and Training.
  • The Navy Aircraft Prototype Systems Division (APSD) MA/IDIQ contract was awarded in September 2017. 5-Year POP.
  • Competitively Awarded . Lot 1: Large Business. Lot 2: Small Business. Employs government and contractor facilities
  • SES is a prime contractor on both Lot 1 and Lot 2.
  • The primary mission of APSD is to support warfighter needs through the use of innovative and rapid prototyping solutions with the ability to produce limited quantities to support test, evaluation and initial fielding requirements.. Platforms include, but are not be limited to C-130, H-53, P-3, P-8, E-2, V-22, MQ-8, MQ-4, Unmanned Air Vehicles of many varieties and a variety of mobile ground mission systems.


Integrated Systems Response Center (ISRC) IDIQ Contract, awarded by Anniston Army Depot to JV Redstone Defense Systems (RDS) between SES/ Yulista Aug 2012 for 5 years. Follow on Integrated Systems Rapid Response Center (ISRRC) awarded to JV Defense Systems & Solutions (DSS) SES/Yulista Jun 2017 for 5 years.

Full Spectrum Focus: Engineering, Manufacturing, Technical Support, Life Cycle Sustainment Support, and Training Support for all military services, government agencies, and Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

Product Areas: System and Subsystems for wheeled and tracked vehicles (manned / unmanned), self-propelled, towed; ground support equipment; sets, kits, and outfits; shelters; launchers; chemical/ biological defense; and the soldier.

Capabilities: Development, Modification, Integration, Production, and Sustainment of electrical and mechanical systems, subsystems, and components.

SES West Aircraft Paint Facility

  • EPA & OSHA Compliant Wash Rack
  • 160’ x 55’ state-of-the-art Paint Facility (capable of fitting 2 CH-47 aircraft at once)
  • 2nd Helipad for easy access
  • Media/Bead Blast with the ability to section off from ongoing paint operations
  • Down draft filtered air systems ensures coatings are applied evenly
  • Heated paint booth ensures coatings are properly cured.
  • Full staff of experienced & certified painters and plastic media blast personnel
  • Over 110 aircraft painted

R&D Capabilities

imageSES specializes in research and development of unique and versatile LIDARs, tunable solid state lasers, mass spectrometers, Small UAS, and electro-optic sensor systems.

SES’ R&D Center is located in Columbia, MD, has a full suite of capabilities and laboratories for laser, lidar, mass spectrometry, and electro-optical instrument research and development. SES has developed diagnostic equipment for its LIDAR programs allowing extensive laboratory testing to ensure system performance before field testing. These include measurements of alignment, optical efficiency, noise, beam shape, and spectral distribution. SES has the facilities and expertise to safely mimic a variety of test sites and conditions as well as several simulants and interferants.

The SES patent portfolio contains over a dozen patents including ion-traps for mass spectrometers, MALDI, aerosol lidar optical architectures, and tunable lasers. Earlier, SES received the Tibbitts Presidential Award for the most Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs/projects. Following is a sampling of our technologies portfolio along with several pictures:

  • Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers and Supporting Sub-Systems
  • Mass Spectrometry-Based Rapid Identification of Chemical, Biological and Explosive Materials
  • Lidars for Sensing of Biological Aerosols
  • Lidars forSensing of Chemical Aerosols and Vapors
  • Lidars for 3-D Wind Vector Tracking and Plotting
  • Solid State IR and UV Lasers
  • Small UAS Propulsion Systems
  • Small UAS for CBRNE Applications

Prototyping Capabilities

imageSES has an established team of technology experts that includes the requisite engineering expertise to support mechanical and electronic prototype hardware design, analysis, testing, and documentation at the component, sub-system, and system level. Via in-house organic capabilities and in partnership with our U.S. Army Prototype Integration Facility partners, SES has areas of expertise in the following areas:

  • Mechanical and electronic development and design
  • Cable, wire harness, and digital/analog circuit and card design
  • Parametric solids and surfacing modeling
  • Programmable logic design, simulation and programming
  • Structural finite element analysis
  • Test diagnostics and support (in-house and in-the-field)
  • Performance and test specification development
  • Reverse engineering

SES provides our customers with a diversified staff of engineering talent that can work hand-in-hand with the customer to develop concepts and designs for new systems or upgrades to existing systems. Our SES R&D Center engineering staff in conjunction with our SES Huntsville Operations technical staff and our vast strategic partnerships offer a highly skilled capability in all types of hardware development, specializing in mechanical, electronic, and structural design.

One prime example of prototyping includes the successful transition of the Armed 407 development program to a full rate production capability and delivery. The Armed 407 Program is one such example of the type of prototyping and production experience inherent within SES.

Program Management

imageLeading the charge in our commitment to serve you is your SES Program Manager (PM) assigned to your project. Your SES PM provides seamless transition throughout the project/program life-cycle, fosters open communication, on-time delivery, ensures exceptional quality and competitive prices.

Our Program Managers have varying backgrounds and experiences that offer a broad range of perspectives to the organization, allowing us to match you to the Program Manager best suited to you and your program’s needs. SES has established a strong, dedicated and experienced Program Management team with emphasis/training utilizing the DoD Acquisition Framework for Program Management. Our Program Management Team, with a heavy focus on U.S. Army Aviation programs, provides your program/project a proven professional including DoD certified acquisition professionals with over 200 years combined experience supporting DoD acquisition programs.

Your entire customer experience is directed by our Program Managers. Once a requirement is identified, SES assigns a highly professional Program Manager (PM) to serve as the lead for your program. Our proven processes and automated systems support preparation of rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimates, manufacturing estimates, and quotes, as well as full volume proposals. After initiation of project, the PM provides overall cost, schedule and performance tracking in order to provide you with up to date estimates, schedules, current program status and other pertinent data that results in a high-quality product or service delivered on or ahead of schedule.

SES Program Managers take pride in their ability to communicate efficiently and effectively between you and our workforce. This is the cornerstone to effective program management.

Our Program Managers will:

  • Manage costing for new and existing programs
  • Manage program launch and program/project kick-off
  • Set and manage customer needs and expectations
  • Manage program risk and effective risk avoidance
  • Develop customer relationship and account plans as well as goals
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Lead continuous improvement activities for improved quality, value-added services and delivery
  • Lead Project Teams with multi-discipline functional expertise
  • Direct internal operations that provide a rapid-response, results-driven end item/service
  • Ensure both the program/project remain on schedule and within budget

Quality Assurance

imageQuality isn't expensive - It's priceless.

SES’s Quality System is more than just a certificate on the wall, it is an integral piece of everything we do. Currently SES possesses ISO 9001:2008, AS9100 Rev C and AS9110 Rev B Certifications. ISO 9001:2008 represents a model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing. AS9100 and AS9110 represent well-defined Aerospace Quality Systems requirements for the design, manufacture, maintenance, repair, alteration, overhaul and system integration of aircraft, assemblies, subassemblies, and components for Department of Defense, Aerospace, and commercial applications. Furthermore, SES is FAA Part 145 Certified (Bell 206, 407 & BK117) and has on-site DCMA Oversight. SES Flight, Ground and Safety Operations were evaluated by DCMA and received Green, low risk ratings in all areas. SES earned the following recognitions from DCMA for our systems: DCMA Approved Purchasing System, DCMA Approved Property Management System and SES was recognized as a DCMA Green Low Risk Company.

SES Quality Assurance and Control Program

Our warfighters require and deserve the highest quality weapon system hardware — their lives depend on it. SES has developed, documented and implemented Aerospace compliant procedures that cover all aspects of the operation. These processes are audited for compliance and effectiveness as part of our robust internal audit process, our Customer/Second Party Audits – performed by DCMA, Boeing, & Sikorsky, and our Third Party Audits – performed by Intertek on a semiannual basis.

At SES, quality is built into the product, not inspected into the product. All employees have primary responsibility to assure parts "meet the Customers' stated and implied requirements." Inspection stations are strategically placed throughout the shop for in-process inspection by the employees manufacturing the parts. SES has a comprehensive line of inspection, measuring and test equipment. Records are kept providing traceability of inspection equipment to each program/job. Calibration procedures are maintained for all inspection equipment.

Engineering Capabilities

image As a small business, SES prides itself on attracting and retaining the industry’s top technology experts. SES is primarily focused on two areas: 1) research and development (SES R&D Center), as it applies to bio-chemical, laser/optics, aviation, missile and other DoD weapon system hardware; and 2) weapon system manufacturing and integration.

SES’ engineering talent and resources provide a unique and creative team focused on the engineering disciplines optimized for total weapon system life cycle sustainment. Success is realized through organic in-house engineering and technical capabilities and unprecedented Government/Industry partnerships.

SES offers the full spectrum of engineering and technical expertise to support your requirement.

  • Requirements Definition
  • Concept Exploration
  • Reengineering/Reverse Engineering
  • Designing new and replacement components, subsystems and systems
  • Technical Data Package (TDP) review
  • Second Source Qualification Analysis
  • Manufacturing/Producibility Engineering
  • Value Engineering
  • Obsolescence/Continuous Technology Refreshment
  • Make/Buy Analysis
  • Production Line Validation/Lean Manufacturing
  • Designing/building required test/diagnostic equipment
  • Testing and validating form, fit, function, and interface compatibility with legacy systems in real-world environments
  • Aviation Air Worthiness Readiness Support
  • Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs)
  • Engineering Change Notices (ECNs)
  • TDP/drawing conversion to support machine programming
  • Platform integration process analysis


Contract Vehicles

SES is currently executing in excess of $2 Billion in DoD/Government contracts. In addition to several specific weapon system hardware production active contracts, SES is serving as the prime contractor or joint venture partner to two omnibus type contracts that offer broad scope and environment that offers rapid response.

Prototype Integration Facility (PIF)
Redstone Defense System (RDS), a SBA 8a approved joint venture between Yulista Aviation, Inc. and SES, LLC., was awarded a contract from the PIF. SES is currently a joint venture partner and Prime Contractor in support of the U.S. Army Prototype Integration Facility (PIF). The point of contact is Mr. Julio Driggs (256) 858-0106.

Logistics Support Facility (LSF)
SES was awarded a competitive Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract to serve as the Prime Contractor in support of the Logistics Support Facility Management Activity (LSFMA), Redstone Arsenal I Huntsville, Alabama. The point of contact is George Kunkle (256) 258-0500.


Our SES Purchasing Department is fully compliant with all Public Laws and government Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and is capable of supporting all types of federal and commercial procurements. SES’ Purchasing Department has successfully completed a Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) audit and has a Government Approved Purchasing System as recommended by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA).

We have a staff of highly qualified acquisition/procurement professionals who are committed to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct with the primary focus on the warfighter. SES procures a wide range of items such as raw materials, fabricated piece parts, mechanical and electrical components, integrated subsystems and other hardware required to support program completion. The SES terms and conditions to becoming an approved SES supplier are found online in our Doing Business page.

Ground Combat Systems Modification and Lifecycle Sustainment

imageSES is able to meet the high expectations of our Government customers for modifications and other Lifecycle Sustainment requirements on both tracked and wheeled systems/subsystems/components. SES offers design, engineering, technical data development, prototyping, integration, fabrication of both electrical and mechanical elements, technical manuals to include NMWRs/DMWRs, level of repair analysis, provisioning, training development/support, inventory control points, and total package fielding. SES also supports maintenance, repair, and overhaul requirements. SES is a turn-key capable company for your Modification and Life Cycle Sustainment needs.

ILS Capabilities

imageThe Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) performs specialized research and documentation development tasks in support of SES’s program achievement. Originating directly from work performed by SES and interfacing with a variety of data sources and data bases, ILS is responsible for ensuring complete and accurate documentation of all parts, part numbers, components and materials as well as their sources. Coordinates all aspects of the provisioning process and applicable Technical Manuals with representatives from Contract Administration, Program Management, Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing. Technical liaison with customers, military agencies and subcontractors.

SES’s ILS function is responsible for the production of all requisite program documentation for end user maintenance and repair staffs. The materials are produced by ILS as required under contract performance specifications and provide step by step instruction, illustrated diagrams/schematics and parts sourcing information for field personnel responsible for the ongoing maintenance and repair of existing equipment and systems which have been built, installed, upgraded, or modified by SES. The documentation and supporting materials produced within the ILS department varies widely in technical complexity and scope, but in all cases is subject to extraordinarily high standards of accuracy, completeness and timeliness as established by regulations, contracting documents, internal quality assurance specifications and production management.

U.S. Navy NAWCAD Full Rate Production Multiple Award Contract

• Contract provides: full rate production of mission system avionics upgrade/mod kits, components, and installation of these products.

• The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD Full Rate Production Multiple Award contract was awarded in April 2020 with a 5- year POP with Options for 5 additional years.

• Competitively Awarded . Lot 2: Unrestricted Category. Lot 2: Small Business. Employs government and contractor facilities

• SES is a prime contractor on both Lot 2 and Lot 3.

• The scope of this contract vehicle supports aviation platforms operated under Military/Commercial, and/or FAA rules and regulations, to include fixed wing, rotary wing, UAV, lighter than air vehicles, as well as related mission and weapon systems.

U.S. Navy NAWCAD KRACEn Contract

• Contract provides for aircraft Kits, Recovery, Augmentation, Components, and Engines (KRACEn)

• The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD KRACEn contract was awarded in April 2020 with a 5-year POP with Options that could increase the POP to 10 years.

• Competitively Awarded. Employs government and contractor facilities

• SES is a prime contractor.

• KRACEn is a multiple-award, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract covering modification kit build and installations, repair of aircraft and components, engine overhaul, recovery of downed aircraft and augmentation labor supplement for maintenance. The contract also seeks to offer assistance to single satellite site and organizational-level contractor logistics requirements in support of Navy Fleet Readiness.

ASTRO Contract

• The GSA ASTRO Website is located at


• ASTRO is a broadly scoped series of contract vehicles encompassing virtually all services supporting or involving manned, unmanned, or optionally manned platforms and robotics.

• ASTRO is administered by the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Office of Assisted Acquisition Service (AAS) FEDSIM Organization. It is a family of ten separate, individual, Multiple Award (MA), Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts.

• ASTRO orders may only be placed by authorized COs within GSA's Assisted Acquisition Service.


• Jim Hoke, VP, Naval Program, 256-258-4300,

• Felecia Troupe, Contract Administrator, Global Contracts, 256-258-3998,


• DUNS: 794757877


GSA Multiple Award Schedule


• Under the MAS Program, GSA issues long-term governmentwide contracts that provide federal, state, and local government buyers access to commercial products, services, and solutions at pre-negotiated pricing.

• The MAS Program supports GSA's Federal Marketplace (FMP) strategy of modernizing and simplifying all stakeholders' buying and selling experiences.

• The GSA MAS Contract was awarded to SES in May 2022 with a base 5-year period and three 5-year options.

• Awarded Special Item Number (SIN) 541330ENG, Engineering Services

• Services include: applying physical laws and principles of engineering in the design, development, and utilization of machines, materials, instruments, processes, and systems. Services may involve any of the following activities: provision of advice, concept development, requirements analysis, preparation of feasibility studies, preparation of preliminary and final plans and designs, provision of technical services during the construction or installation phase, inspection and evaluation of engineering projects, and related services. NOTE: Services under this SIN cannot include architect-engineer services as defined in the Brooks Act and FAR Part 2, or construction services as defined in FAR Parts 2 and 36.